Ashen Amps Bass Cabs

Ashen Amps "Woody 210" Lightweight Bass Cabinet


Ashen Amps "Woody 210" Lightweight Boutique Bass Cabinet with tweeter

We accept offer for production of our 2x10" couture bass cabinet completely designed and handmade in Southern California and loaded with our custom designed 10" bass speakers producing nice deep low end. We do all the building on these cabinets ourselves in a sunny backyard in So Cal; from planing, cutting, assembling, gluing, wrapping, wiring and testing.
This cabinet is made from ethically sourced California redwood, superb hardware and hours of painstaking effort.
Wood layering and coloring of the actual cabinet will be different from the one you see on pictures but it will be as beautiful and lightweight as described. You can select and order stain color and suggest layering picture, just lets disscuss it. You will be updated and notified on the order status and look of your cabinet so you will be involved in its creation.
Production time is up to 4 weeks.


  • Speaker: 2 x 10" Ashen custom designed bass speakers

  • Power Handling: 300 W

  • Impedamce: 8 Ohm

  • Connectors: Neutric Speakon+1/4" jack connector

  • Dimencions: 15" H x 22" W x 13" D

  • Weight: 30 lbs

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