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Customized Fender '65 Reissue Twin Reverb Guitar Head w/mathcing 212 Enclosure


For sale is the famous Fender '65 Reissue Twin Reverb Guitar Amp Head Emerald withmatching Ashen Emerald 212 Custom Guitar Cabinet Enclosure (empty)

We refurbished the original chassis taken from practically new non working combo and then we decided to convert it into a separate head so that you could use it with your favorite cabinet. Now it's easier to carry it around (having weight of 39 lbs). 
This is fully functional amp with original reverb tank; we installed matched JJ EL34 tubes. This head sound great, just as it should.

We installed the chassis into the brand new a collection quality beautiful enclosure and built the matching 212 cabinet enclosure handmade of solid curly maple layered over pine (to make lighter in weight) with inlay and maple insertions to strengthen edges. Then we gave it the glorious emerald color to make the set stand out of the rest.
You will own a one of a kind luxury product which will benefit any stage or room you place it in. The cabinet enclosure comes with mounting hardware and wiring so all you need to do it just install your favorite speakers, plug it into the amplifier and start having fun.
There's no another Fender rig like this in the entire world.

You can buy the complete beautiful set of Customized Fender Twin Reverb head with this matching cabinet as a bundle and save money.

Cabinet Dimensions: 21" H x 27" L x 10.5" W
Weight: 22 lbs.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you.

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