Ashen Amps "Vaughn" 112 Boutique Handmade Guitar Cabinet
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Ashen Amps "Vaughn" 1x12" Guitar Cabinet


We accept orders for our "Vaughn" 1x12" Couture Guitar Cabinet Enclosure completely hand crafted in Southern California unloaded (no speakers installed).

This unique cabinet is piece of art in wood with beautiful layered wood result of many hours of hand work and passion.

We build them in a sunny backyard in SoCal; from planing, cutting, assembling, gluing to wiring and testing. Our cabinets are made from ethically-sourced California redwood, superb hardware and hours of painstaking effort.

Please note that we do not repeat grain coloring and wood layering for cabinets we craft so each cabinet is unique and special. Therefore your cabinet will look slightly differently from what you see on pictures. We will provide you with pictures of your cabinet as soon as we start building it, so you will be notified and updated constantly on your order process and look of your cabinet. You will be able to make corrections so that the cabinet will look the way you've dreamed about it.
Order processing will take 2-3 weeks.

We can also install speaker of your choice into the cabinet at additional charge. Please contact us for speakers pricing.


  • Enclosure: Unique Red Wood Custom Hand crafted
  • Connector: 1 x 1/4" jack input connector
  • Dimensions: 22' H x 16" W x 11" D /
  •                      510 mm H x 405 mm W x 280 mm D
  • Weight:  17 lbs / 10 kg

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Thank you.

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Ashen Amps "Vaughn" 112 Boutique Handmade Guitar Cabinet