Ashen "Converse" 16 Watts+212 Handmade Guitar Amp Cabinet Set

Ashen "Converse" 16 Watts+212 Handmade Guitar Amp Cabinet Set


Here we’re proud to present Ashen "Converse" Set - consisting of Ashen Phoenix XVI 16 Watts handmade tube guitar amplifier head and matching 212 guitar cabinet.

We handcrafted this beautiful figured Sapele tone-wood over pine enclosure with inserts of different kinds of hardwood to create the unique aged look and feeling. You will own the very unique collection quality product that deserves to be a family treasure that will be passed on to the next generations. This cabinet can also be a valuable gift that will be remembered forever.

All our enclosures are made with dovetail joints making them sturdy, with high quality void-free plywood front baffle.

This amazing set will benefit any room or stage you place it on and will inspire you for playing more and more whether you're playing out live or recording in the studio. You’ll get a great sound output with warm lows, well defined mids and clear highs.

This Ashen Phoenix XVI Class A amplifier has the unique circuit designed by our talented engineer where he used Russian power tubes seen in Hi-Fi audio equipment and military quality mini tubes for the preamp with the average life span of about 5,000 hours. This is completely hand wired, point to point soldered, very basic (in terms of usage) 16 Watt guitar amplifier with a well responsive tone controls settings and working very well with pedals. Also it's a piece of art and you 're going to feel it every time you're playing through it. This little guy will surprise you by the amount and quality of the sound you'll get out of it. You'll enjoy discovering its potentials.

We invested a lot of designing time and labor to create this very unique gear and we hope you can appreciate its beauty. You will own a unique professionally designed handcrafted set which deserves to be a collection piece. We hope you will feel all our love and devotion that we invest into each and every cabinet we've built.

We offer 3-year limited warranty.

Majority of our married customers stated that their wives love to have equipment we've built in their living rooms. They like both the look and the sound.

Ashen Phoenix XVI Head Specifications:

  • Class A hand-wired chassis

  • 1 Channel

  • 1 input

  • Power handling: 16 Watts

  • Impedance: 4/8/16 Ohms speaker outputs

  • 2 x 6P41 Russian Hi-Fi tubes

  • 1 x 12AX7 tube

  • 2 x 6P30B-P mini tubes (preamp)

  • Controls: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master Volume, Presence

  • Dimensions: 20-1/4" W x 9-1/4" H x 7-5/8" D

  • Weight: 20 lbs

Cabinet Specifications:

  • Construction: natural exotic wood, dovetailed joints, open back

  • Hardware: Rubber handle, 1/4" jack connector, rubber feet

  • Power handling: 45 Watts

  • Impedance: 8 Ohms

  • Speakers: 1x12” Celestion G12H Heritage, 1x12” Celestion Alnico Blue

  • Dimensions: 22-1/4" W x 23-1/2" H x 10-1/2” D

  • Weight: 44 lbs

  • Made in the USA

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Thank you.

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