Universum Guitars

The UNIVERSUM GUITARS are designed in line with the universal laws of harmony, in the Golden Ratio. They are made of high-quality, naturally dried (for over 5 years) tone-wood using high-end equipment, and manually assembled and tuned up by the factory’s highly skilled personnel who have teamed up to achieve the common creative goal — to make premium professional instruments for musicians with the most delicate demands.


Elena Beauty

You can use the Beauty for everything ranging from blues to metal, from jazz and funk or even djent. If it's a gorgeous and unique instrument that you need, you're looking at the right guitar.



Premium class is the name of the game with this instrument. Built to be right there at the highest end of guitars of the world, Sofia RX is a must for true connoisseurs of the 6-string beauty.


Marianna Factory Reserve

High attention to detail and quality control at every stage of production make her a truly high end guitar that's extremely comfortable to play. So don't waste your time and get this unique guitar for your arsenal.

Order your unique completely matching signature set, one in the world!

Amazing Universum Wenge Custom Guitar - $1299