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Ashen® Guitar Amps


Our Inspiration


What if you could dream while you were awake? That’s the question that inspired us to create our products. You should have the freedom to have your own unique signature equipment that looks just you dreamed. So we design and create our custom bass and guitar cabinets for you to feel and be a STAR.


Ashen ® Bass Amps


Geoff S,



"..First off I want to say how much I really love this company. I bought a custom woody 12” cab for bass from you all over a year ago, and it’s incredible. It’s one of the most reliable cabinets I’ve ever owned, and it’s gorgeous...".

Danny C



" Packed well, arrived as promised. Real wood, light resonate cabinet with guality speakers. Very unique, beautiful wood(maple over pine)(nice blue maple resembles maple top guitar wood), many artistic touches. Great customer service, will customize cabinet for you, Highly recommended seller!! . "

Eric G.



"I sent these guys the measurements to my twin reverb to get a wooden enclosure built. They took as much care as humanly possible, checking over with me every last detail. It was done quickly and came out beyond my expectations. I couldn't be more impressed with the final product i received. I now have the best looking amplifier I've ever seen anywhere. Thanks very much guys! "

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