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Ashen® Amps

Handmade in The USA


Our Inspiration


What if you could dream while you were awake? That’s the question that inspired us to create our products. You should have the freedom to have your own unique signature equipment that looks just you dreamed. So we design and create our custom bass and guitar cabinets for you to feel and be a STAR.


New Products

Here you can see our new or recently finished products. Please contact us for more information about these or any other our product.

Ashen “Windsor” 40 W - 212 Boutique Guitar Set

This is hand wired, point to point soldered, very basic (in terms of usage), 40 Watt guitar amplifier enclosed into the beautiful shell, with a well responsive tone controls settings. That vertical cabinet is loaded with two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. Considering the size of the enclosure, you’ll have a great sound output with warm lows, well defined mids and clear highs.

Ashen "Blues Burst" 212 Custom Handmade Guitar Speaker Cabinet Enclosure

We built the beautiful handmade custom enclosure of hand-picked amazing birdseye maple. Then we mixed our own colors of dies and had fun with them.

Ashen "Pharaoh" 115

Custom Handmade Guitar Cabinet

Pharaoh 115 Custom Guitar Cabinet

This is our latest product handmade using a exotic wood layered over pine for the shell and combination of maple, walnut and wenge layered over plywood for baffle.

We installed a famous JBL D130 woofer for powerful convincing sound that benefits the look of the amazing collection quality luxury cabinet.

This is the kind of product that deserves to be a family treasure to be passed from one generation to another or to be a forewer-remembered gift for a musician.


Ashen ® Bass Amps


"..First off I want to say how much I really love this company. I bought a custom woody 12” cab for bass from you all over a year ago, and it’s incredible. It’s one of the most reliable cabinets I’ve ever owned, and it’s gorgeous...".

Geoff, TN, USA, 04/2018

" Packed well, arrived as promised. Real wood, light resonate cabinet with guality speakers. Very unique, beautiful wood(maple over pine)(nice blue maple resembles maple top guitar wood), many artistic touches. Great customer service, will customize cabinet for you, Highly recommended seller!! . "

Danny, FL, USA 12/2017

"I sent these guys the measurements to my twin reverb to get a wooden enclosure built. They took as much care as humanly possible, checking over with me every last detail. It was done quickly and came out beyond my expectations. I couldn't be more impressed with the final product i received. I now have the best looking amplifier I've ever seen anywhere. Thanks very much guys! "

Eric, NY, 03/2018

The cab is amazing for sound quality and not just an extremely beautiful box. The cab itself adds a rich resonance that is so pleasing to the ear and compliments or makes the speakers sound that much better and compared to what I heard when open the speakers by themselves the warmth & richness in the tone was gone. Which to me means the cab adds that richness and warmth to the tone which is the best my rig has ever been since I started playing guitar. Thank you thank you a thousand times thank you and I am saving my pennies now so you can build me a Head as soon as possible better suited for the Majestic Ocean Bird!
— Ben S., CA, USA, 07/2018

“FYI. My wife loves the cabinets so much she wants to keep them in the living room!”
— S, USA 09/2018

I received the cabinet today! It’s beautiful!! Even better then what I saw from the pictures by far!
it sounds simply amazing !! Clear, full, fat, warm and now w the combo of that guitar, the Mesa boogie mkIII red stripe head and your cabinet I have finally achieved the tone I’ve been striving for ... for many years. Thank you so much
— Alan, USA, 09/2018

Great job!
My wife likes it so much,
It’s in the living room!
That’s a first 
— Pat, CT, USA, 04/2019

I am so Happy with the new cabinet! It looks perfect, absolutely stunning and just what I was dreaming about with the Prince theme. Also, it sounds booming and feels just incredible to play. I have been enjoying it heavily for a few days now, and I am just completely in awe and inspired by this amazing piece of art you have created. It looks so good it can be furniture according to everyone in my house! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and I thank you very much for being so wonderful and easy to work with throughout the order process. I look forward to working with you on more projects in the future. I wish the best for you and everyone on the team. Thank you!
— Shane, LA, USA, 08/2019