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We are glad to see you visiting our website and hope you will find our products different from anything you've seen before. We hope that our custom handmade guitar and bass guitar cabinets will impress, inspire you and will call you to buy or order one of these unique enclosures or amplifiers. Your music and your sound is important for you and we want to make you memorable and stand out from the crowd not only with your music but also with the way your rig looks. We'd love to have you as our customer.

Our cabinets will sing together with your soul.

These are our latest products

Ashen "Blue Bird" 210 Custom Guitar Cabinet Cabinet - $649

Ashen "Blue Bird" 210 Custom Guitar Cabinet Cabinet - $649

Why order our products 

* You will not find another cabinet like ours in the entire world. We do not copy any of our designs, they will always be unique and different  from another.  You won't find another company offering so wide range of design patterns and customization at our prices.

* Visit our gallery to see our past work and read feedback of our customers.

Modified Vintage Music Man HD150 head with 212 Cabinet - $1,699


* You can be assured that each of our custom bass and guitar cabinet is professionally designed, calculated and built for the best acoustical performance. 

* We use professional equipment when designing and scientifically calculating our products. 


Customized Fender Super Reverb head with matching cabinet - $1,299

Customized Fender Super Reverb head with matching cabinet - $1,299


* We'll design and build the cabinet accordingly to your preferences, desires and the style of music you play,  using the material, hardware, grill cloth and other details you selected. 

Build time is around 3-4 weeks.

We'll make sure you have the cabinet you wanted .